Sickly… SOLC 22 of 31

*Cough* Hello everyone! This is Zerenity, the walking zombie, blogging about my sickness.

I feel weak.
Dizzy, world spinning.
Stomach: a torturing pain.
Head pounding, unable to see straight.
Am I just going insane?
Go to the nurse?
He’ll just give me a ice pack.
Trying hard to stay awake.
Should have asked my Mom to stay home?
“Go to the nurse” She’ll say.
Because I’m trying to stay home everyday.
Oh well, I keep a smile on my face.

šŸ˜· = šŸ˜ƒ

Speaking Publicly- SOLC 1 of 31

Heart racing, breath shortening. All eyes were on me. Just take a breath, Zerenity, you know everyone in this room. You can do it just present your presentation. I walked up to the front of the room. I had to present my project in front of the class and I am terrible at talking in front of people. As I talked my voice quivered. There wasn’t even that many people in the class and I knew all of them by name. As I went through everything I realized I left out a LOT of information. This is why I should never be in the spotlight until I’m prepared. I don’t even know why I want to be famous when I grow up if I can’t speak to my classmates.