What am I even texting anymore? SOLC 25 of 31

My friend snowrose~Chan and I were texting and I came up with the idea of creating a story. We just took turns adding on to the story. The story was about us going to Japan and crazy things happening, like the day after she got proposed to she found out the baby delivery stork was going to give her gift. (I wrote that part.) Many other things to. It was so dramatic she kept making get with this guy so I kept coming up with dramatic ways to break up with him. I always took his wallet first of course, I have to get ice cream to get over the ‘horrible’ break up. Don’t worry in this story we already finished college some of my other friends were there too but their lives weren’t as weird. We were texting since yesterday until this afternoon, that’s just how fun it was to create the story.

Sickly… SOLC 22 of 31

*Cough* Hello everyone! This is Zerenity, the walking zombie, blogging about my sickness.

I feel weak.
Dizzy, world spinning.
Stomach: a torturing pain.
Head pounding, unable to see straight.
Am I just going insane?
Go to the nurse?
He’ll just give me a ice pack.
Trying hard to stay awake.
Should have asked my Mom to stay home?
“Go to the nurse” She’ll say.
Because I’m trying to stay home everyday.
Oh well, I keep a smile on my face.

😷 = 😃

The awkward Baby shower- SOLC 5 of 31

On Saturday I went to a baby shower. Some of you may be saying… Oh that sounds like that was fun. It wasn’t… At all! When we got there my cousin who was going to have the baby said “There will be games for the kids.” Wrong! But I can’t blame her she didn’t throw the party. So no games to play for me. I decided to play on my phone. Which was about to dead because I was on it the entire time in the car and my friends were blowing up my phone spamming about mesh! What even is that!? (Here’s a tip turn group chat on silent or you’ll end up with 100 and something texts!) Once we got inside most of the people there I had zero idea who they were. I had never met my cousin’s boyfriend’s side of the family much less met her boyfriend. They never met my family either which meant no one was talking. Would you have fun if this happened?

  • You get dragged to a place you didn’t want to go
  • You couldn’t play any games (Not on your phone either because it was going dead and you kept losing signal)
  • You didn’t like any of the food they were serving
  • And you didn’t talk to anyone because they acted like they were too good for you

Worst weekend ever!

Speaking Publicly- SOLC 1 of 31

Heart racing, breath shortening. All eyes were on me. Just take a breath, Zerenity, you know everyone in this room. You can do it just present your presentation. I walked up to the front of the room. I had to present my project in front of the class and I am terrible at talking in front of people. As I talked my voice quivered. There wasn’t even that many people in the class and I knew all of them by name. As I went through everything I realized I left out a LOT of information. This is why I should never be in the spotlight until I’m prepared. I don’t even know why I want to be famous when I grow up if I can’t speak to my classmates.

My weekend

I had a pretty fun weekend. First I went to my dad’s house so that we could go shopping. I got A LOT of new things like a art travel kit (btw… I LOVE art), a new binder, a notebook, dolls (yes I do play with dolls), and a lot of snacks. Then we went to my mom’s house to stay the night. I live with my mom at my grandma’s house. At my mom’s house I played my new things and also with my sister’s things. When I went home on Sunday I bragged to my cousin’s (They do live with me and we taunt each other on a daily basis). It was awesome.



 💞Zerenity Faith