Randomness… 31 of 31

Today is the last day of the Slice of Life Challenge it went by pretty fast I guess. As you can see by the title these are things I randomly need to say.

  1. The challenge was fun but a bit challenging considering my life is boring…
  2. ‘Canary’ for life🍋
  3. Why does my mom ship me with a boy in my class if she doesn’t want me to date?
  4. I hate all ships I’m involved in unless it’s fictional
  5. Would I look good with a purple mustache?
  6. Do you like chicken? I like chicken🍗🍗 ! Mostly pizza 🍕 🍕.
  7. Can I borrow some toilet paper?
  8. Alphabet boy! A… a… a… b.. b… boy! CRY BABIES FOR LIFE!!!
  9. Can I dye my hair pastel rainbow?
  10. (Me:) My favorite ship is…. (Friend who knows nothing about shipping:) Why do you know the names of boats? (Me:) *Slaps* Don’t be stupid!
  11. (After explaining to friend:) You know… All of ships suck except one. (Me:) Which one? (Friend:) *My ship name with a guy in my class* (Me:) DON’T EVER SHIP THAT!!!! (Friend:) Then they all suck. (Me:) *Pouts*

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