Duckie!!!! 29 of 31

When I got to my car after school my sister and Mom were talking about a baby duck. I didn’t pay much attention to it though I was busy having my friend yell at me through text. When I got home my sister jumped out the car and ran to the door and came back after a short while. Once again I didn’t care she was usually weird. But then she said these words. “I just went to say hi to the duckie!” Me being the confused person I didn’t get it until I was walking past the door. There I saw it a little baby duck. It was SO cute! I fell it love instantly! I took a pic and sent it to a few of my friends. Afterwards I was screaming my head off because of cuteness of overload. It was adorable!

6 thoughts on “Duckie!!!! 29 of 31

  1. What is it that is so adorable about a baby duck? Your post reminds me that it’s time to stop by a favorite pond to see if there are any new babies. I love how you missed all the clues, but when you saw the duck, you feel in love instantly1

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