Top 10 favorite ships SOLC 21 of 31

My blog is called ♥The Purple Fangirl♥ right? So I’ll going to tell you my ships. (Some are real people sorry if you don’t know who they are((´Ω`) )

  1. Nalu (Natsu and Lucy)
  2. Laurmau (Laurance and Aphmau)
  3. Travlyn (Travis and Katelyn)
  4. Zane~Chan (Zane and Kawaii~Chan)*He wants to destroy the world, she wants to fill it with ships! Perfect match!*
  5. Jilias (Real people: Not saying sorry)*BTW miss you!*
  6.  *Ship name unknown* Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask
  7. *Ship name unknown* Taiga and Takasu *Obsessed*
  8. Chera (Real people: Not saying sorry)*Teehee*
  9. Septipliar (JackSepticEye and Markipliar) *Yeah I just did that*
  10. Gardenza (Garroth and Cadenza)

Animes/ series used

  1. Fairy Tail
  2. YouTube (Aphmau)
  3. YouTube (Aphmau)
  4. YouTube (Aphmau)
  5. Real People
  6. Sailor Moon
  7. ToraDora
  8. Real people
  9. YouTube (JackSepticEye and Markipliar)
  10. Youtube (Aphmau)

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