Randomness… 31 of 31

Today is the last day of the Slice of Life Challenge it went by pretty fast I guess. As you can see by the title these are things I randomly need to say.

  1. The challenge was fun but a bit challenging considering my life is boring…
  2. ‘Canary’ for life🍋
  3. Why does my mom ship me with a boy in my class if she doesn’t want me to date?
  4. I hate all ships I’m involved in unless it’s fictional
  5. Would I look good with a purple mustache?
  6. Do you like chicken? I like chicken🍗🍗 ! Mostly pizza 🍕 🍕.
  7. Can I borrow some toilet paper?
  8. Alphabet boy! A… a… a… b.. b… boy! CRY BABIES FOR LIFE!!!
  9. Can I dye my hair pastel rainbow?
  10. (Me:) My favorite ship is…. (Friend who knows nothing about shipping:) Why do you know the names of boats? (Me:) *Slaps* Don’t be stupid!
  11. (After explaining to friend:) You know… All of ships suck except one. (Me:) Which one? (Friend:) *My ship name with a guy in my class* (Me:) DON’T EVER SHIP THAT!!!! (Friend:) Then they all suck. (Me:) *Pouts*

Hospital… 30 of 31

We’re almost there the end of the month. I get hurt easily so I’m almost always in the hospital. This year I almost went three entire months without going, but of course with my luck I get a sudden pain. I was sitting on the couch playing a game on my phone when I got a random pain in my stomach and tooth. I yelled out in pain so my grandma told me to go to my mom to see if there was something she could do. My mom told me to rest a bit and see if that helps but then my chest felt it was being squeezed, I got a headache, and my vision got blurry though I was wearing my glasses. My mom took me to the hospital. They hooked me up to a lot of machines… I was even there overnight! I was asleep when they said what was wrong so I don’t actually know. But I’m a little better now.

Duckie!!!! 29 of 31

When I got to my car after school my sister and Mom were talking about a baby duck. I didn’t pay much attention to it though I was busy having my friend yell at me through text. When I got home my sister jumped out the car and ran to the door and came back after a short while. Once again I didn’t care she was usually weird. But then she said these words. “I just went to say hi to the duckie!” Me being the confused person I didn’t get it until I was walking past the door. There I saw it a little baby duck. It was SO cute! I fell it love instantly! I took a pic and sent it to a few of my friends. Afterwards I was screaming my head off because of cuteness of overload. It was adorable!

Strange dreams… SOLC 27 of 31

Last night I had a very weird dream. I must have been starving in my sleep because it was all about food, but first it started off in the forest. I suddenly saw a dancing (delicious looking) grilled cheese so I chased it. Next thing I know I’m being carried off by steak to be sat in a throne of a gingerbread castle with a king pizza next to me and more steak guards all around. “Queen Pizza we need your help!” A young macaroni yelled. I looked around expecting to see a queen pizza when King Pizza rolled (Pizza rolls!) his eyes and handed me a mirror. I gasped when I saw I was made of pizza with a crown. Then I went on all sorts of adventures!

What am I even texting anymore? SOLC 25 of 31

My friend snowrose~Chan and I were texting and I came up with the idea of creating a story. We just took turns adding on to the story. The story was about us going to Japan and crazy things happening, like the day after she got proposed to she found out the baby delivery stork was going to give her gift. (I wrote that part.) Many other things to. It was so dramatic she kept making get with this guy so I kept coming up with dramatic ways to break up with him. I always took his wallet first of course, I have to get ice cream to get over the ‘horrible’ break up. Don’t worry in this story we already finished college some of my other friends were there too but their lives weren’t as weird. We were texting since yesterday until this afternoon, that’s just how fun it was to create the story.

The strangest game ever! SOLC 23 of 31

So last night my cousins (Elijahus and Jamisa), my sister (Tyra), and I were playing a game it started off as us acting like we were in high school. After that it downhill this is how it went:

Tyra: I ship you and Elijahus
Me: NO! What about Travis or Laurance! Why am I always shipped with my cousin!(We were playing with fictional characters)
Elijahus: Yeah Here! (Pushes them into me)
Jamisa: Attack of the undead dolls!!! (Throws dolls)
Me and Tyra: OW!
Elijahus: I’m using my fart power to stop her attacks! (tries so hard to fart)
Me: OMG stop (Takes Travis and Laurance to my basement)
Tyra: Give me my brother back (Grabs chainsaw)
Me: (Evil laugh) The so called yandere is back! Though I am not one!
Tyra,Elijahus,Jamisa: Yes you are!
Me: (Pouts) Fine… (Evil look) (Snatches Tyra’s chainsaw) (Evil laugh while chasing them)
Jamisa: Pinkie Pie! Kill them!
(Hide and Seek by Lizz starts playing)
Me: Where the heck is that music coming from?! (Then gets hit with pillow)
Tyra: Your phone dummy
Me: (Looks at phone and sees YouTube open and song playing) MY PHONE IS HAUNTED!!!


We kept being strange after that but that was the weirdest part.

Sickly… SOLC 22 of 31

*Cough* Hello everyone! This is Zerenity, the walking zombie, blogging about my sickness.

I feel weak.
Dizzy, world spinning.
Stomach: a torturing pain.
Head pounding, unable to see straight.
Am I just going insane?
Go to the nurse?
He’ll just give me a ice pack.
Trying hard to stay awake.
Should have asked my Mom to stay home?
“Go to the nurse” She’ll say.
Because I’m trying to stay home everyday.
Oh well, I keep a smile on my face.

😷 = 😃

Leaving… SOLC 19 of 31

Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I don’t want to leave! Don’t make me leave. No! Why! So today we got to leave later because my Aunt decided to not go to work and my Mom didn’t go to her doctor’s appointment. But we still had to be out of the hotel by 11 because that’s when checkout was and since some people were still tired we didn’t go anywhere but McDonalds before going back home. Time to do this car thing again. Jamisa, I swear, stop messing with me and mess with your brother instead. That crazy 7 year old is going to be the reason I lose my mind. I’m already going crazy because she got a boyfriend before me. I’m not jealous but should a 7 year old really be dating. Anyway…. The ride home took longer because we kept taking stops.